How Geothermal Works


Geothermal systems are electrically powered systems that take advantage of the earth's relatively constant ground temperature to provide heating, cooling, and hot water for residential & commercial buildings. Rather than creating heat like a fossil fuel system, geothermal moves heat that already exists in the ground into your home in winter and reverses this cycle in the summer. In the winter, the ground heat exchanger collects heat from the ground and delivers it to the Air or Hydronic delivery system in the home. In the summer, this cycle reverses and sends the heat from the home to the earth. Geothermal systems consist of piping in which liquid such as water or antifreeze is the medium. There are four types of ground loop systems to choose from: Horizontal, Vertical, Lake, and Open. The same loop works for both heating and cooling. However, open loop and vertical closed loop systems are recommended in New England.

Horizontal, Vertical and Lake systems are all closed loop systems. The heat pump and loop form a sealed pressurized system through which the liquid medium is circulated. Open loop systems however, are not sealed and are open on either end to obtain the liquid medium (water), from a drilled well.

Horizontal and Vertical closed-loop systems are laid horizontally in trenches or vertically in wells. Both are placed in an area adjacent to the buildings they serve. These systems can go in yards, under parking lots, or under playing fields. Pond or lake loops require a nearby body of water with adequate depth in which to put the loops. Open loops systems require adequate water or depth for the needs of the system.

We at Gagnon Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. have been installing Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems since year 2000. We have a geothermal project going continuously, and have installed more geothermal heat pumps than any of our Maine competitors. We perform design work to determine what size geothermal heat pump you need, as well as radiant heat and air system duct design. There are currently federal tax credits up to 30% and yearly rebates available. See our Tax Credit Links and please call us with additional questions.

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