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Mitsubishi Electric Heat PumpWe at Gagnon Heating and Air Conditioning understand that high fuel cost can be overwhelming. We also understand that geothermal may not always be the solution due to certain restrictions. That is why we at Gagnon install Air source heat pump Systems in numerous homes and businesses every year!

Air source heat pump Systems are more efficient than oil and propane heating systems and provide cooling and dehumidification at the same time! The best part is, that they are very affordable, and have the potential to pay for themselves in only a short time.

We at gagnon have diamond Contractor status for Mitsubishi as well as Elite dealer status for Fujitsu, This means the system may qualify for 12 years on all parts!
Mitsubishi Electric Heat PumpMitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pump systems are of the most efficient in the U.S. They eliminate hot and cold spots and save on energy costs. They offer an efficient way to heat and cool your home. Talk to us at Gagnon Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today for a free consultation.

Mitsubishi Electric Heat PumpThe Air source heating and cooling systems offer:
     Substantial savings in energy costs
     Fast, no-hassle installation (no ducts)
     Quiet, easy-to-use heating and cooling
          Room-by-room temp control to eliminate hot or cold spots
     Healthy and clean air with filtration system
     Multiple unit options (e.g., wall mount, ceiling recess, floor units, ducted etc.)
     Mitsubishi Electric reliability

Feel good about your home energy future without the hassles of converting to gas. Contact us at Gagnon Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to learn more.

 Heat Pump Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump

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