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Geothermal? Solar? High Efficiency Oil? Propane? Radiant? Forced Air? Not sure? Do you need help finding the right energy efficient system for your home?

Look no further than Gagnon Heating & Air Conditioning. At Gagnon we have been installing the most energy efficient and cost effective heating & cooling solutions since 2000. We are the experts. We understand the tradeoffs, the costs, and the installation options to help you choose the most effective system.

We can determine the most practical and affordable solutions to lower your heating energy costs, provide great comfort, and reduce your environmental impact.

The right solution depends on whether your home is:

  • Under construction, a remodel or retrofit
  • Has town or well water
  • Do you have a southern exposure
  • Can your space accommodate radiant flooring
  • Is there a full basement or attic space
  • Is the home one story or multiple levels

Complete the “Job Information Sheet” and our experts at Gagnon will follow up with you to help design the perfect energy efficient system for your home.

Homeowner Testimonials:

“I heat my 2,800 sq ft. home for only $190 in the coldest month of the year!”
– Doug Horsman

“Anytime I needed service, Gagnon was there to help. I would never look anywhere else.”
– Aaron Stevens

"Our 2900 sq. ft. home only cost us $ 68.00 per month to heat averaged through the year! This included my welding! Geothermal was certainly the right decision for us."
- Chris Zorn, Bridgton Maine

“Jeff and his crew where always there when we needed them during the construction process and installed a highly efficient propane radiant floor system to meet our needs. Our annual propane use for our 4,000 square foot home on the mountain at Sunday River is far less than we could have imagined”
- Greg Burke, Owner
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