Solar Thermal


Solar systems are evolving rapidly. By using the power of the sun, we can generate heat for home, hot water systems and even your pool.

Solar Hot Water Systems
Solar has become more and more popular in providing domestic hot water for residential applications. Solar collectors can be mounted on your roof or beside your building and are much more durable and attractive than old style solar panels.

The two types of solar collectors most frequently used are flat plate or vacuum tube. The flat plate collector, known as the Viessmann Vitosol 100, is made of materials such as powder coated aluminum, copper and stainless steel, as well as 4mm special low iron solar glass and non-degrading thermal insulation. The main component of the Vitosol 100 is the Sol-titanium coated copper absorber. It insures high absorption of solar radiation and low emission of thermal radiation. This system is typically installed on the roof in a south facing direction at approximately a 45 degree inclination. It can also be installed using a double coil hot water storage tank. One coil is fed from the collector while the other is fed from an additional heat source such as a boiler. This is done because the solar is not an independent source of domestic hot water. You would expect to get approximately 66% of your annual needs out of this system.

The other more efficient type of solar collector is known as the Vacuum Tube, or Viessmann Vitosol 300. This type of panel has two heat exchangers. The heat is collected in one heat exchanger which is in a negative gas state. Thus during a rapid drop in outside temperature, you would not lose the heat that you have gained. The other exchanger is the hot water circulating to the double coil storage tank. System is supplied with inlet and outlet temperature gauges. Air Elimination, premixed glycol, expansion tank, purge station & other piping and accessories.

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