Gagnon Heating & Air Conditioning is a full service heating & air conditioning company specializing in today's technology to utilize our natural resources and remove our reliance on fossil fuels. Whether it be a geothermal heating & cooling system to help cut oil consumption, a radiant heat system to keep your home warm and your driveway free from ice & snow buildup, or a central air conditioning system to keep you comfortable year round.


Whether you are building a new home, upgrading an existing heating system, want to reduce emission, or just want to save money on your heating bill, contact Gagnon for a complimentary consultation.


What is geothermal Energy?

Geothermal systems use Earth's stable temperature for energy-efficient heating and cooling. They circulate a water-antifreeze mixture through underground pipes, transferring heat to or from your home.

Geothermal systems are highly efficient, eco-friendly, provide year-round comfort, last 20-25 years, and often come with financial incentives.

Geothermal systems work for most homes but require outdoor space for ground loops. Soil and geology affect efficiency, and there's an initial cost, along with the need for regular maintenance.

Geothermal systems typically have a higher upfront cost due to ground loop installation. However, they can significantly reduce long-term energy bills and often qualify for tax incentives, making them cost-competitive over time.

Geothermal systems can be retrofitted into existing homes, but installation may involve specific challenges based on available space and heating/cooling distribution. Proper assessment and design are crucial for a successful retrofit.

  • Geothermal
  • Heat Pumps
  • Propane


  • Energy Efficiency:

    Highly energy-efficient, reducing utility bills.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

    Low greenhouse gas emissions, minimal environmental impact.

  • Year-Round Comfort:

    Provides both heating and cooling.

  • Durability:

    Long lifespan of 20-25 years or more.

  • Financial Incentives:

    Eligible for tax credits and incentives.

  • Quiet Operation:

    Operates silently, enhancing indoor comfort.

  • Maintenance:

    Requires little maintanence relative to alternative system choices.


  • Initial Cost:

    Higher upfront investment due to ground loop installation.

  • Space Requirement:

    Requires outdoor space for ground loop installation.

  • Site Considerations:

    Soil composition and geology can impact efficiency.

  • Complex Installation:

    Installation can be more complex than traditional systems.

  • Geographic Limitations:

    Not suitable for all regions due to geological restrictions.


  • Efficiency:

    Energy-efficient for both heating and cooling.

  • Cost-Effective:

    Lower operating costs and reduced utility bills.

  • Year-Round Use:

    Works well in moderate climates.

  • Easy Installation:

    Quick and relatively simple to install.

  • Zoning Capability:

    Allows for individualized temperature control in different zones.

  • Ductless Options:

    Ductless mini-splits offer flexible installation.


  • Temperature Limitations:

    Efficiency decreases in extreme hot or cold climates.

  • Supplemental Heat:

    May require supplementary heating in very cold weather.

  • Initial Cost:

    Some systems can have a high upfront investment.

  • Maintenance:

    Regular maintenance is needed to ensure efficient operation.

  • Environmental Impact:

    Still relies on electricity generated from various sources.

  • Noise:

    Can produce some noise during operation.


  • Quick Heating:

    Provides fast and efficient heating for homes.

  • Reliable:

    Works in areas without access to natural gas or electricity.

  • Energy Independence:

    Not tied to grid outages or electricity fluctuations.

  • Portable:

    Can be used for heating, cooking, and more.

  • Clean-Burning:

    Produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than some alternatives.

  • Versatile:

    Used for heating, water heating, cooking, and more.


  • Fuel Cost Variability:

    Propane prices can be subject to fluctuations.

  • Fuel Storage:

    Requires storage tank maintenance and space.

  • Emissions:

    While cleaner, still contributes to carbon emissions.

  • Carbon Monoxide Risk:

    Potential safety hazards if not properly maintained.

  • Delivery Dependency:

    Relies on regular propane deliveries.

  • Initial Cost:

    Installation and equipment can be expensive.


“Working with Gagnon was a pleasure. Their work is outstanding. They are easy to work with, and are extremely professional.”

- Jeff Fleming


“Gagnon is a great company that we trust completely. They listen and adapt to make our designs a reality. They’re also our GO-TO source for geothermal information and installations because of their in-depth knowledge and experience.”

- Chris Briley

Green Design Studio

“We have relied on Gagnon’s Heating & Air Conditioning for years. Gagnon has always been reliable, easy to work with, and fair.”

- Gregg Seymour

Seymour Construction

”I have used many different heating contractors over the years and Gagnon is definitely the best. Gagnon is always on time, completes excellent quality work and always comes back when we are ready at final finish.”

- Dave Dumont

C&M Construction

“I heat my 2,800 sq ft. home for only $190 in the coldest month of the year!”

- Doug Horsman

Verified Customer

“Anytime I needed service, Gagnon was there to help. I would never look anywhere else.”

- Aaron Stevens

Verified Customer

“Our 2,900 sq. ft. home only cost us $ 68.00 per month to heat averaged through the year! This included my welding! Geothermal was certainly the right decision for us.”

- Chris Zorn

Bridgton Maine

“Jeff and his crew where always there when we needed them during the construction process and installed a highly efficient propane radiant floor system to meet our needs. Our annual propane use for our 4,000 square foot home on the mountain at Sunday River is far less than we could have imagined”

- Greg Burke

Owner http://www.ims21.net/

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